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Chiltern is an interesting historic village founded when gold was discovered in 1859. The main street has retained its historic features, with carefully preserved brick buildings and wooden verandahs. There are many properties listed by the National Trust, several of these are open to the public, including – Lake View House, Dow’s Pharmacy, Police Lockup, Athenaeum Museum and the Federal Standard Printing Works. Lake View House is the childhood home of Henry Handel Richardson (Ethel Florence) who was a celebrated early colonial author. The Getting of Wisdom was first published in 1910 and her other famous trilogy – the Fortunes of Richard Mahony, between 1917 - 1929


Chiltern is surrounded by the Chiltern – Mt Pilot National Park. The Park is renowned for its wildflowers, bird life, historic gold mining relics and Aboriginal rock art. The area is popular with bush walkers, cyclists and bird watchers.


Chiltern has many intriguing antique and gift shops and offers a range of cafés, restaurants, art galleries and pubs.

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